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A Day at Our Local Farmers Market

A few sunny Sundays ago, we took a trip downtown to check out our local farmers market. If there’s one thing we love about living in LA, it’s the modest amount of local markets thriving around the city. It’s awesome and something we think all Angelenos must take advantage of.

The Old Pasadena Farmers Market is located in Old Town Pasadena on Holly Street and is open every Sunday from 9:00am-2:00pm. Perfect for those morning strolls after a hearty brunch in the city.

Wanting to decrease our carbon footprint, we took a nonstop public train into the city (yet another perk of living in LA – public transportation!). We took the Gold Line that starts from the Sierra Madre Villa Station and stops at Memorial Park Station. Conveniently, the stop is a short one-block-3-minute walk to the market. If you choose to drive, there are plenty of parking lots available within walking distance, some of which are free for the first 90 minutes. After that, there is a $2 charge for every hour with $6 maximum for a full day.

The Old Pasadena Farmers Market is charmingly small, with a few vendors selling fresh produce, artisan oils, teas, organic honey, flowers, and homemade hummus, among other things. We say it’s charmingly small because it has a cozy, personal vibe. Each farmer we met were extremely down-to-earth. They happily offered to let us sample their produce/products and listened as we asked million of questions about how they grew their food and where it came from. It’s a connection you don’t get when shopping at a grocery store, that’s for sure. We enjoyed every bit of it.

Here’s a couple of things we picked up:

bounty of fresh produce from the farmers market

green onions $2 a bundle (Gayton Family Farms), blood oranges $5 for a bag of 5 (Santiago’s Farms), strawberries $10 for 3 baskets

organic tea from Zen's Tea House

organic tea leaves $6-12 a jar (Zen’s Tea House)

fresh flowers from the farmers market

spring blooms $7 a bouquet (Venegas Growers)

Thank you for reading!

Jennifer and Vivian

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