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4 Reasons to Support Your Local Farmers Markets

The great thing about the approaching spring and summer seasons are the variety of fresh produce popping up in markets around us.

Each season, I’m excited to see my favorite fruits, vegetables, and flowers arrive at the local farmers market in my hometown. Because each season only comes once a year, I’ve learned to appreciate the cycles of nature and the different harvests we’re gifted with each one. It’s a huge reason why I love to shop at the local farmers markets. They make my life much more enjoyable by providing my favorite produce/products within arms reach.

owner of Zen's Tea House pouring a samples for shoppers

Farmers put a lot of tender loving care and time into everything they grow. They live off the land; nurturing the earth and its living things. Here are 4 reasons why Tinycaravan supports our local farmers market.

Vivian picking up fresh carrots from the farmers market

Know exactly how your food was grown and where they come from. A perk about shopping at your local farmers market is that you get to have one-on-one conversations with the people who grow your food. Get to know what’s in your food, ask how it’s produced, or if you could personally visit their farm. It’s not every day you are able to connect with farmers this intimately.

fresh vegetables on display

Enjoy fresher, bolder, and sweeter flavors. Because produce doesn’t have to travel far, farmers are able to pick their produce at their most ripe and vibrant stages. At its peak, fresh produce taste fresher, better, and contain more nutrients for your body.

farmers standing proudly behind their fresh produce

Protecting the environment. Another perk of being local is, produce doesn’t travel very far to get to you. The impact of our carbon footprint, fossil fuels, and pollution are reduced. Plus, fewer transportation methods mean less packaging and even less waste. Score.

fresh flowers from Venegas Growers

Support your local community. Farmers work hard to grow the fruits, vegetables, and meats among other things, that you see on display. By shopping at your local farmers market, you get to be a part of keeping them in business and help your local farmers thrive in your community. 

Today local farmers markets are getting the appreciation they deserve. As the demand for local food continues to grow so will the supply. Be a part of this growing change. Invite your friends, bring along your dog(s), and enjoy a pleasant day at your local farmers market!


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