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10 Little Known Facts About Vivian Wang

June 15th marks another important day in Tinycaravan’s history. Today is our co-founder Vivian Wang’s birthday. Happy Birthday Viv! To celebrate her special day, here are some unique unknown facts about her:

  1. She is the ketchup queen. Seriously, she loves ketchup more than most people love french fries. This one time at In-N-Out I saw her drink directly from the dispenser. It was great.
  2. She’s one of those people who would pay $500 to see Adele perform live.
  3. She’s the biggest environmentalist I know in real life. There is no doubt in my mind that she’ll save the earth one day. But I’m sure everyone already knew that, so it’s not quite a ‘little known fact.’
  4. She tore her ACL when she was younger from an intense game of basketball.
  5. Speaking of basketball Kobe Bryant is her #1 Idol! Kobe, I know you’re reading this. TAKE. HER. OUT. ALREADY.
  6. She has a cute little stuffed animal that she’s had since she was a wee little girl. On a trip back to Taiwan she accidentally left him there and cried her little heart out until her grandma sent it back a month later. Once she got him she washed him in the washing machine and he is now no longer soft and fluffy. It’s a tragedy.
  7. Her favorite color is purple (although she claims it’s not!).
  8. She’s not afraid of confrontation. In fact, she welcomes it. Don’t mess with this girl if you’re not ready to have your butt handed to you.
  9. She inhales her food. No kidding, her friends can attest to this. 
  10. Her nickname is Dory because we all think she looks like Dory from ‘Finding Nemo.’

If you’re a friend of Vivian’s make sure to wish her a happy birthday today! If you don’t know her personally, but you still think she’s cool, wish her one in the comments below!



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