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14 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands You Need to Know


Your skin is a sponge. It absorbs everything you put on it — the guilt of animal tested products, toxic ingredients you can’t pronounce, and products that are hazardous to the environment (from the starting processes to the final packaging). What if I told you there’s something better out there?

Vivian and I are huge supporters of all-natural skin care products. A few years ago when I realized department store brands were the culprit for the rashes on my sensitive skin, I made the switch to natural, organic, and toxic free brands. It was clear to me then —  what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. Being a huge animal lover myself, I always made sure to choose products that were cruelty-free and ones that were never tested on animals. Because skincare is so important to me, I want to share my top 14 cruelty-free beauty brands I have tried (or want to try in the future) that have saved my skin. Check them out below.

Top 14 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands You Need to Know

  1. Lush. Known for their cult following, unique bath scents, and creative product names — Honey I Washed the Kids, Angels on Bare Skin, and Karma — Lush is currently my number one of my favorites for an inexpensive and relaxing DIY spa session. (Price Range $5-$30) 
  2. Mad Hippie. Famous for being the holy grail of moisturizer, Mad Hippie’s products contain antioxidants that help slow the process of aging skin. What I admire most — from their BPA free and fully recyclable air pumps, to the ink printing on their packaging, their production process is dedicated to the conservation of the environment and its wildlife. (Price Range $15-$34)
  3. The Body Shop. Their vegan Tea Tree line is everything I love in one tiny bottle. Besides improving my teenage-acne-prone-skin from back in the day, each use always left my face feeling extra fresh and super clean without over-drying my skin. (Price Range $10-$50) 
  4. Nourish Organic. Started in 2003, Nourish Organic is the first USDA certified organic skincare collection. Today, they carry facial products, beauty body lines, oils, serums, and deodorant that are USDA organic certified, Oregon Tilth Organic Certified, Cruelty-Free Certified, Gluten Free Certified, and Vegan Certified. (Price Range $10-$50) 
  5. Aromatica by Peach & Lily. Like Aromatica, many brands are moving towards a cruelty-free process too (those that are not will be clearly marked as such on the website). Committed to using the highest grade ingredients, you will wake up to flawless skin every day. (Price Range $10-$50) 
  6. Soko Glam (re:p line). Since popularizing the 10 step skincare routine, Soko Glam has been a big name in Korean skincare. Recently, Charlotte Cho of Soko Glam shared the brand’s commitment to using organic and natural materials that will not be tested on animals, now or ever. (Price Range $40-$50) 
  7. REN. REN uses only 100% plant and mineral based ingredients for the purest skincare product line for improving skin tone and overall appearance. Most of their products are vegan unless otherwise listed. (Price Range $20-$50) 
  8. Belif. Soothe, calm, and hydrate your skin all in one. Belif uses no animal origins, dyes, or artificial fragrances. They focus their brand on true honest products rather than excessive ads or marketing, which is why you probably haven’t heard much about the brand — yet. (Price Range $20-$60) 
  9. Beyond. I love their ‘eco-beauty philosophy.’ Beyond has a strong stance against animal testing and a commitment to using all organic and all natural ingredients. They make everything from facial washes and serums to shampoos and conditioners, all with eco-friendly principles in mind. (Price Range: Please see website for more) 
  10. Kora Organics. I can’t wait to try this one. Miranda Kerr’s new beauty line, Kora Organics, is certified organic, natural, and vegan (yes, vegan!) for a product that replenishes and transforms your skin into a beautiful healthy glow. (Price Range $25 – $65)
  11. Arbonne. Derived from botanically based ingredients such as herbs, roots, flowers, seeds, or leaves, this beauty line is cruelty-free earth-friendly, pure, and safe for all skin types. (Price Range $25-$80) 
  12. Herbivore. It’s the perfect everyday facial oil to supercharge your skin. Started from the kitchen of a husband and wife duo, Herbivore products are made from scratch and tested on people. The raw earth materials combined with vitamins, minerals, and botanicals create the highest quality oils that help restore your skin to its optimum health. (Price Range $10-$100) 
  13. Aesop. Who hasn’t fallen in love with Aesop yet? The brand is against animal testing and is committed to the use of all natural ingredients. With skin, hair, and body care products deriving from plant-based ingredients, these products don’t just leave your skin feeling baby smooth, they smell great too. (Price Range $15-$300)
  14. Le Labo. Finally, a fragrance brand built on passion and humane practices. Their secret? Test all products on New Yorkers, never on animals. All their perfumes are personally handcrafted — from the flowers they pick, to their formulated process and their final packaging — for the premium luxury experience. (Price Range $45 – $950)  

Due to their organic and natural plant-based ingredients, most of these cruelty-free products will make your wallet cry. This is a huge bummer and a big deterrent for those who don’t want to/or have the means to shell out hundreds of dollars for skincare. I tried to list brands with a diverse cost range, but I think there’s more we can share. Do you have any favorite cruelty-free products have you used?


Disclaimer: all brands listed above are cruelty-free, however, not all of them are listed as vegan. Please check the individual website for the certified vegan mark. 


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  2. Thanks for an informative post. I use some Arbonne products and love it. However I need to expand my make up & skincare range and try some new brands!


  3. Thanks for sharing your detail about the beauty products.I generally used Body Shop products, but when I suffered from the melasma problem, I took treatment and my doctor advised me to use Cysteamine Cream for melasma treatment. And its very effective for these kinds of problems. You can also include Cysteamine Cream in your list.


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