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How To Stay Environmentally and Politically Active This Year

How To Stay Environmentally and Politically Active This Year

New Year, new presidential administration. We’re not quite sure if we like the ring of that yet. Despite how we each feel, with the new presidential administration comes new policies and reinforcements from a new set of politicians who — to say the least — do not have the environment’s best interest on their agenda. Friends have reached out and asked us, “Well, what do we do now?” Definitely not sit back and let the world fall. We believe, now more than ever, we must remind one another of the lasting impact one can make in the name of collective action.

How To Stay Environmentally And Politically Active This Year

According to EcoWatch, Donald Trump has plans to fill up his cabinet with many climate science deniers and those who have big ties to the oil and fossil fuel industry. He has even stated,

“We’ll be fine with the environment. We can leave a little bit, but you can’t destroy businesses.”

And you know what? That’s scary as shit (please excuse our American).

With a cabinet like Trump’s, the Earth is in jeopardy. Caring for the environment is not just for those who enjoy the outdoors or appreciate the beauty of nature. The fight encircles us all. A healthy environment contributes to the clean air we breathe, the fresh water we drink, the food we enjoy, the jobs we worry about losing, and a habitable place animals call home. Climate change affects everyone, and we all need to stay environmentally and politically active.

How To Stay Environmentally and Politically Active This Year

Perhaps you don’t believe human activities contributed to climate change. Or maybe you don’t think it’s a pressing issue (even though it’s 2017). Despite our differences, we can all agree everyone deserves clean air and clean water. The protection of the environment is not mentioned in Trump’s campaign and here’s why that’s alarming.

Here’s How Ignoring The Climate Issue Will Affect You

  • Trump has stated he wants the US to abandon our place in the Paris Agreement. This affects us in two ways: in the name of saving the planet and in the name of saving our place in foreign affairs. The need to combat climate change is a global effort and what country will want to engage in affairs with one who still produces dirty and less efficient energy? Not China, that’s for sure. More here.

  • With Trump’s support, big oil and gas companies have the power to drill for more fossil fuels (more here). You may think, “That’s good, gas prices will be cheaper. Right??” Only if you think giving up breathable air and drinkable water is okay. Plus, there are many hidden costs. Even China, one of the world’s largest energy consumer (with one of the poorest air quality, thanks to fossil fuels) has begun to invest millions in cleaner energy.

  • Hey, this affects you at home too. The ongoing weather changes, shortage of water supply, and increases in carbon dioxide has made it increasingly harder and more expensive to produce the world’s food affecting how much you pay for a single avocado. More here.

  • As the climate continues to change, sea levels continue to rise submerging homes and businesses along the coastlines underwater. This is not a theory, it has already begun and soon, the entire US coastline may be gone.

Trump claims he cares about our right to clean air and water, but he doesn’t have a clue about the importance of carbon regulations. He’s even stated he wanted to disband the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And you know what’s even more alarming? His supporters believe every word of it.

On a lighter note, while it looks like the world may soon end, here’s what you can do to help.

List of Actions To Take Today

Support & Donate To Environmental Organizations

Know Who Your Money Supports

  • Understand how “clean” and green your food is with these apps: Buycott, HarvestMark, ShopWell, GoodGuide. Scan the barcode, learn the product’s history, then make an informed decision.
  • Shop from businesses that are part of the 1% For the Planet and those that have the certified B Corp and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stamp of approval.
  • If you’re committed, avoid opening up an account with these banks. Many banks invest big money in oil companies and fund agendas such as North Dakota Access Pipeline.

Get Involved In Organized Efforts

  • Below are some non-profit environmental organizations in the Los Angeles area:
    California Greenworks
    Environment California
    Friends of the Los Angeles River
    Heal the Bay
    Sustainable Works
  • Join an environmental activist group (like the ones above).
  • Attend your city’s council meetings and talk to the members about making your city more sustainable. You can even start your own citywide campaign or project to educate your peers in the matter.
  • Sign up for the website to meet others who have similar interests. Then start a conversation about environmental issues.
  • Continue to vote in your respective state elections in regards to new Legislative members, propositions, and measures. They are just as important as the general election. Here is a list of propositions and measures that were passed in California last November.
  • Call, write, and meet with the Congress member who represents your state. Let them know the environment is important to you. Never forget, your voice matters! You can find your respective Congress member here.
  • Participate in peace movements and protests that support your environmental cause. This is a great way to bring awareness to the issue, provide an impactful learning experience, and motivate you to keep fighting.

Stay Educated About The Environment

We need to protect the only home we have, and we need to do it together. We all have the power to make a difference as long as we use our voice and our ability to take action effectively. To quote one of our favorite Presidents, “Yes We Can” and yes we will. #ThanksObama

Jennifer and Vivian

This post was last updated on Jan 24, 2017 at 10:07pm PST to include the corrected quote said by Trump in regards to the environment.


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  2. Your blog is great but if you Google the Trump quote it seems from multiple sources he said ‘we’ll be fine with the environment’ not ‘without’ it. I’m not about to give time to listening to his voice to be definitively sure and either way doesn’t detract from the general scariness of his approach but in the interest of your excellent blog’s credibility maybe you could just check that one out? Perhaps he said both, it wouldn’t surprise me 😉 bw

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Andrew, thanks for the fact check. We went back to look at multiple sources, and Trump did in fact say, “We’ll be fine with the environment.” We’ll update the statement on our blog. Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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