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Tinycaravan Goes Secondhand Shopping

Tinycaravan Goes Secondhand Shopping

We love ethical clothing companies, but sometimes they can get expensive. Secondhand shopping is a great alternative for those who want to save money and take another step toward a sustainable lifestyle. Inspired by the benefits of secondhand shopping, we decided to visit our local Savers to show you want you can snag.

Secondhand OOTD With Love Justly

Fast fashion isn’t a part of our vocabulary — we’re all about purchasing timeless pieces that can be worn over and over again. This time, we teamed up with an ethical fashion brand, Love Justly, to create 2 timeless outfits with our thrift store finds.

Outfit 1:

Vivian in a velvet top, knee length wrap skirt, and a leather jacket.
Velvet Top (Savers $4.99), Knee Length Wrap Skirt (Love Justly $24.49), Leather Jacket (Bar III $40)
Vivian in a velvet top, knee length wrap skirt, and a leather jacket.

Outfit 2:

Vivian in a laced top, knee length wrap skirt, and leather sneakers.
Laced Top (Savers $1.99), Knee Length Wrap Skirt (Love Justly $24.29), Leather Sneakers (Vans $60)
Vivian in a laced top and knee length wrap skirt.

You’re sure to find many more unique items and pieces not many people have at a more affordable price when you thrift. In our experience, we spent less than $10 for a velvet top and a laced top (two items that are very “in” right now). It was a sweet deal.

So Why Is Secondhand Shopping Great For The Environment?

Tinycaravan and Love Justly Outfit

Reduces Waste And Pollution. Secondhand clothes don’t come with an environmental price tag the second time around. This cuts down on manufacturing demand and removes a perfectly great denim jacket from becoming waste in the landfills.

Inspire Others To Recycle. You donate, others buy, vice versa — its clothes’ circle of life. Think of it as giving your boyfriend jeans a second chance to be a part of someone else’s unique new style.

Know Where Your Money Is Going. You have the power to shop where you choose. By shopping at secondhand stores, you are taking a stand against the ‘fast fashion’ trend. You can find clothes just as affordable and trendy as those in ‘fast fashion’ stores.

Support Local Charities. Another plus about secondhand stores? They donate to local charities. Our local Savers support the Epilepsy Foundation and the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. Look for secondhand stores in your area and see which charities they support.

Tips For A Successful Secondhand Shopping Experience

Tinycaravan x love justly outfit

You can find almost anything at a thrift store. At our local Savers, we spotted items from books to clothes to home decor and even baby toys, you name it — they got it all.  If you have never gone to a secondhand store before, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Go in with a list of items you have been longing to buy. That’ll help narrow down which sections of the store to spend more time on and which sections to skip (maybe for a second trip, wink). With so many items to look through, the experience can be quite overwhelming — it certainly was for us. 
  • Plan to spend an entire day there. One of the best things about thrift stores is the vintage and quirky items waiting to be found. There won’t be many like them out there! 
  • Patience is key and vintage treasures take some time to be found. Also, keep in mind it can be a hit or miss — you may not find anything at all the first time around. But a scavenger hunt is part of the fun of secondhand shopping.
Vivian in a velvet top, knee length wrap skirt, and leather jacket.
Vivian in a velvet top and knee length wrap skirt.

Happy thrifting,
Jennifer and Vivian

This post was sponsored by Love Justly.

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