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Tinycaravan Says “Farewell, For Now”


Dear Caravaners,

There is no easy way to say this, so we’ll start here. Get ready, it’s a long one.

If you have been following our Tinycaravan blog religiously, you may have noticed we have not been posting consistently. This May 2017, Vivian will be moving up to Wyoming to start her exciting new position as an Interpretive Park Ranger in Yellowstone National Park. That, plus Jennifer’s new copywriting position in Downtown LA, has caused a rift in our dynamics. It’s important for us to focus our energy on this next part of our lives, but we wouldn’t sign off without a proper goodbye.

The story behind why we started Tinycaravan stems from more than just our love for the outdoors, it became our mission to bring awareness to its conservation. The decision was hard, but after weeks of contemplation, we have decided to settle on a Summer Hiatus.

Our biggest reason was you – our readers. You’re the reason why we do what we do. The decision came a few weeks ago when we were in the middle of pushing out an article that we scrambled to finish. We scrapped it many times, lost inspiration in the middle, then ultimately decided we just weren’t proud of the content. There were similar articles after that, and that’s when we knew we couldn’t continue to write articles with the mindset of, “it’s fine, let’s just post it.” We weren’t giving it our full attention. The quality of the blog post wins over quantity every time.

As sad as we are to admit it, Tinycaravan also took a toll on our friendship. With work, long distance relationships, family, and ultimately, life… it has been hard to make the time available to brainstorm valuable content. Plus, the effect of frustrations and setbacks trickled past business and put a strain on our friendship. When we started, we promised each other that Tinycaravan would never come in between us. And we still keep that promise.

So here it is.

We’ll continue to fight the good fight in sustainability, figure out our internal business affairs, find our direction again, and rediscover what inspired us in the beginning. We’re grateful for this time to concentrate on our personal growth and our personal careers. Watch out –– we’re coming back stronger than before, you can count on that! 

Finally, to our readers: Thank you so much for all your support. Subscribing to our blog, leaving your thoughts on each article, following us on social media, and joining Tinycaravan on this journey. It truly means a lot. Our appreciation is unmatchable, and the Earth loves you for it.

Thank you for making it to the end (today is also Tinycaravan’s 1 year anniversary, woohoo). 

Talk soon,
Jennifer & Vivian


  1. Annie says

    Good luck Jennifer and Vivian! An exciting part of your life awaits and I can’t wait for tinycaravan to begin a new journey after the summer! Keep us posted!

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