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How To Do More This Earth Day And Every Day

Vivian at Zion National Park

Each year, April 22 is dedicated to Earth Day; a day that reminds us to protect Mother Nature and the planet we call home. This year’s campaign is centered on educating the public on climate change, focusing the awareness on our impact, and inspiring action in environmental defense. If you think you can’t make an impact, think again. Read below to do more this Earth Day and every day.

Do More For The Environment On Earth Day

  • Go out and enjoy nature. National parks, state parks, or city parks are great places to disconnect. Put away energy wasting electronics to enjoy the calls of nature.

  • Bring worldwide awareness. Post on one – or all – your social media accounts expressing what the earth means to you & how you plan to celebrate our pale blue dot with #mytinycaravan.

  • Spring clean your closet & donate your clothes. Do you let your clothes sit in the closet to collect dust? We’re guilty too. Use Earth Day as a reason to finally clean out your closet and donate the clothes to a local thrift shop. Encourage your friends to do the same. We’re thinking…maybe a clothing swapping party?

  • Attend March For Science. There will be over 500 marches this Saturday, April 22 with a purpose to “defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economics, and governments” and the world. Tell a friend, march in your local city here, and make a difference.

  • Give a vegetarian diet a try. Did you know: meat requires more water, land, and energy to produce compared to plant-based foods? The meat industry also contributes to climate change by emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. If everyone ate a vegetarian meal on Earth Day, we can prevent 1.2 million tons of CO2! You can track your impact at http://vegetariancalculator.com/.

  • Know what to do with your trash. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Those three words are ordered this way for a reason. First, reduce the amount of waste you produce. Then, reuse what you can. Lastly, recycle what you can’t. Learn more in our Recycling 101 article. Think you can create zero waste on Earth Day? We believe in you! Find out what zero waste challenge is.

  • Vote with your money. Don’t buy gas, shop from fast fashion stores, eat out, use plastic/paper, or buy things you don’t need (aka, stay away from Target). Do take public transit, use reusable containers and metal straws, reuse items, and send office work electronically. Then do more of this after Earth Day too.

  • Commit to the cause. Find a sustainable or eco-friendly organization in your local community and sign up to volunteer for a year. Another way to vote with your money here.

  • Write to the government. Put environmental issues on the forefront of the government’s agenda. Continue to raise public concerns about the environment and let your voice be heard. Your opinion matters! Find your local state leaders here.

  • Share this blog post. Bring awareness and inspire action. You’re only a simple click away.

Happy Earth Day,
Jennifer and Vivian


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