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What We’re Watching: “Arise”

Friend in Zion National Park

As two women of color, we know how important representation is. In honor of this month’s recognition of every woman who continues to inspire and empower, we’re sharing an environmental documentary about women, for women (and men), and directed by a woman.

Arise is a 2012 documentary that tells the stories of women around the world who are healing the environment. From the communities in Kenya, Ecuador, India, Israel, New York, Minnesota, Colorado, and much more, the film features stories of empowering women who are leading movements in environmental protection, environmental injustice, and environmental awareness to better their communities and save Earth.

The film documents the work of women in various roles who are making a positive impact in their community and bringing awareness to the importance of having women be leaders in the environmental movement. Because the film focused on each individual story rather than the beautiful landscapes of the environment, it felt so much more raw, real, and relatable. It was empowering to see women leading movements to plant trees in support of reforestation, transform vacant lots into organic gardens, develop public parks and green spaces in urban cities, educate women in tech, and foster awareness in young girls all over the world. We were so inspired by all the strong, dedicated, and compassionate women doing great work.

A quote that stuck with us is from Beverly Grant, Director of Mo’ Betta Greens Farmers Market. On making an impact, she says, “if [women’s] hearts are in it, you can’t stop us. We are a force to be reckoned with. If you get a woman like that, you better help her or get out of her way!”

The future is female, and we’re damn proud to be a woman. You can watch the Arise here.

Jennifer and Vivian


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