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Guide to Celebrating Earth Month 2018

glacier national park

Happy Earth Month 2018! Though we wish Earth Day was recognized every day, we still appreciate that there is a month dedicated to bringing awareness to this wonderful planet we call home. To celebrate, we created a guide to help you navigate and enjoy Earth Month this year. From events, to activities, to what to buy, and what to do –– see more below. 

When shopping, support…

Other important information on how to be more mindful when shopping, the small impact you can make when you bring your own bags when grocery shopping, and sustainable fashion brands that are changing the world.

When volunteering…
There are many environmental nonprofits & land trusts doing great work on Earth Day and they are always in need of volunteers. Patagonia Actionworks is a great tool to find environmental organizations in your area. Some events include:

  • Beach cleanups from the Surfrider Foundation and Heal the Bay.
  • California State Park Foundations commits to restoration and cleanups.
  • If you’re in Northern and Southern California there are many cities celebrating Earth Day with forest restoration, restoring hiking trails, replanting native plants, and much more. Use the following link to find fun eco events and festivals near you. *Note: Some cities have not been updated. Please visit specific websites for more info.

When bringing awareness…

When heading outdoors…
Attend one of these events during National Park Week:

  • April 21: Fee Free Day
  • April 21: National Junior Ranger Day
  • April 21: Volunteer Day
  • April 22: Earth Day
  • April 28: Military & Veteran Recognition Day
  • April 29: National Park Rx Day

When attending events….
There are lots of fun environmentally-friendly events scheduled for April. Events are related to composting, cycling, waste management, climate change education, or tech. Find one you’re interested in or do a quick Google search for Earth Day 2018 events in your area. Below is a list of events you can find us this year – or events we wish we could attend. If only we can go to them all! 

Southern California:

Northern California

Other tips on how to recycle correctly, bringing your own reusable utensils when dining out or bringing reusable produce bags when grocery shopping, and kitchen alternatives that reduce plastic waste.

Lastly, a friendly reminder to do more this Earth Day and every day. You can also donate or get involved in environmental organizations here.

Happy Earth Month,
Jennifer and Vivian

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