Meet The Team

Together, Jennifer and Vivian head the overall vision of Tinycaravan. Individually…



Who Is She: Jennifer is the Co-founder and Editor, a fancy way of saying she is responsible for the creative direction and content development at Tinycaravan. Jennifer refines the written and visual content from start to finish to ensure brand consistency across all platforms.
Fun Facts: Biggest life accomplishments include surviving skydiving, bungee jumping, hiking Half Dome (she’s afraid of heights!), and finishing eleven McNuggets in one sitting (she didn’t even throw up).
Why Tinycaravan: Jennifer wants to create a positive impact in her own world and inspire those around her to do the same. She hopes Tinycaravan serves as a welcoming & safe space to share awareness, love, and care for the Earth.

Follow Jennifer on Instagram @jnnffrr or her personal website



Who Is She: Vivian is also the Co-founder and Head of Operations, a fancy way of saying she is responsible for the technical and back-end development of the brand. Vivian seeks to incorporate factual assertions and content strategy in every piece from start to finish.
Fun Facts: Vivian’s notable life experiences include being a park ranger at Yellowstone National Park, traveling abroad alone, and almost getting swept away when canoeing down the Colorado River. When she’s not out with Mother Nature, she enjoys pampering her skin, staying in to play board games, and stuffing herself with delicious food.
Why Tinycaravan: Vivian loves this platform because it gives her a creative space to spread environmental awareness and sustainability in a positive way. She sees Tinycaravan as a hope, a voice, a friend, and a home for anyone to come and learn together for a better planet.

Follow Vivian on Instagram @vivwangg.

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