Meet The Team

Together, Jennifer and Vivian head the overall vision of Tinycaravan. It is their desire to use this platform to spread environmental awareness in an inclusive and positive space. Though they’re not perfect, they hope they can continue to learn about their impact in order to create a space for everyone to come and learn with them too.



Jennifer is a twenty-something-or-so-year-old living in San Francisco, California. She finds joy in meeting up for coffee dates on Sunday mornings and exploring the city on her bike. Jennifer believes strides for environmental awareness are more impactful through intimate, non-judgemental conversations. She hopes to be an encouraging source for those around her.

Connect with Jennifer on Instagram @jnnffrr or her personal website



Vivian is a curious environmentalist living in Seattle, Washington. Like most people, she is trying to find her place in this world. When she’s not thinking about life, she will find any excuse to head outdoors whether that be hiking, backpacking, camping, or rock climbing. Vivian believes in the power of hope and individual impact to make a difference. She hopes to empower and support those in her community and beyond.

Connect with Vivian on Instagram @vivwangg.

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