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a box of used clothes - wholesome goodness inside

Responsible Decluttering, Selling, and Donating

Decluttering is freeing, but decluttering our things without a plan can be destructive. How can we declutter in a more conscious and sustainable way? Read more.

plants by the window - sustainable living

On Sustainable Living and Embracing the Green Trend

Sustainable living is a mindset and a shift in the way one chooses to live. It is different for everyone, even us. But is it a trend? And if so, is it here to stay? Read more as we share our thoughts on living with intentions and embracing the green movement.

Cover photo with garbonzo beans, hummus, and soaked almonds, all in glass jars.

Zero Waste Month: Week 3 (Vivian)

Zero Waste Month: Week 1 was about my expectations and why I wanted to transition to a zero waste lifestyle. Zero Waste Month: Week 2 was about my essentials and the changes I made. For week 3, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on what I’ve enjoyed most and least during this transition. Read more here.