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9 Green Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Use (Under $50)

9 Green Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Use

There’s a lot of pressure in getting the perfect gift. We all want to avoid the cringe-worthy, “Wow, I love it! Thanks!” expression only to have your giftee throw it in the back of their closet, never to be seen again. This year, how about giving gifts that your friends and the environment will love. Go ahead, do away with unsuccessful Google searches and shop these 9 green gifts picks we gathered below.

For the one who adventures in style. Fjallraven has a line of nifty sustainable outdoor clothing made from eco-friendly and organic materials. Our current favorite for the colder weather months is their warm Fjallraven Byron Beanie.
Why We Love Them: True to their arctic fox logo, the Fjallraven team work with researchers to help spread word, donate money, and supply equipment and food supplements to many arctic fox projects.

For the hydrohalic champ (who we wish we could be more like). Make sure they always have their favorite drink in hand, extracted from none other than Mother Earth. Perfect for hiking, backpacking, or simply not bothering to pay for water, Lifestraw Personal Water Filter is a lifesaver.
Why We Love Them: We meant it when we said ‘lifesaver.’ For each personal filter sold a of portion sales goes towards supplying lifestraw purifiers for schools around the world.

For the one who hates saying ‘it’s lit’. Whoever came up with the Flameless Cooking System is a true hero. Your friend will appreciate this tool in emergencies when they’re out camping, stuck without electricity, or escaping the zombie apocalypse.
Why We Love Them: We don’t recommend this for everyday use, however, if you do end up using the single use heat packs for your next meal, feel better knowing it’s 100% recyclable.

9 Green Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Use

For the zealous environmentally aware. The Compost Gift Set is a great gift for a friend who wants to take a step towards living a waste conscious lifestyle. With its small stature, it’ll take up little to no space and adds a charming addition to any kitchen.
Why We Love Them: It’s made from recyclable bamboo and includes an easy to learn book with a tell all of how to compost at home the right way.

For the Farm-To-Table connoisseur. This organic Veggie Micro Greens grow box contains seeds for carrots, cabbage, and peas. Plus, the box is made from recycled steel providing a snazzy combination your friends will flock over.
Why We Love Them: In collaboration with Tree Future, for every product sold, a tree will be planted in your honor. Earth Easy also partner with Terrapass to sponsor clean energy, the EPA to promote water conservation, and is a member of Green America.

For the serious party host, also known as the friend who makes a killer Southern Nog, this is a gift they’ll use all year round (which means, more dinner parties for you! woohoo). Get them these Eco-friendly Cooking Ware made from recyclable bamboo and recycled glassware.
Why We Love Them: Who says we have to give up style for comfort? Each cooking wares’ sleek finishing and classic styles keep kitchens all over the world looking modern and fresh.

9 Green Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Use

For the skin care guru. We talked about Herbivore Botanicals Travel Mist Set in our Top 14 Cruelty-Free Beauty Products You Need to Know blog last month (and we’re still not over it). Their line of skincare products are natural, safe, and nontoxic products that work!
Why We Love Them: Each ingredient found in Herbivore products are ethically sourced in the United States. Once finished, the glass packaging can be recycled or reused.

For the most entertaining one at any social gathering. Glam up with Burt’s Bee’s line of tinted lipstick. They’re 100% natural and provides up to 8 hour of moisture for ones who can talk up a room all night.
Why We Love Them: Their packaging is made from 100% recycled #5 plastic (find out what that number means here) and 60% PCR content.

For the one who prefers a charming night in. When burned, PF. Candle Combo Pack Candles are carbon neutral, natural, and non-toxic. They’re a great addition to nights in reading a novel, dancing around in socks, or a sweet pick-me-ups for late night studies.
Why We Love Them: Along with being eco-conscious and environmentally friendly, P.F Candles’ line of soy candles are vegan and never tested on animals. Plus, their jars can be repurposed into small planters, storage for small items, or recycled.



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