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To Eat: Myrtle Tree Garden Cafe & Market

It’s that time of year, and we just celebrated with our first annual “Tinycaravan Holiday Party” – which was really just a day to hangout and catch up. For the event, we wanted to dine at and support a small local business and after a few searches, we found Myrtle Tree Garden Cafe & Market, a relatively new market and eatery located in Monrovia, California. The place ended up being such wonderful place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

A little bit about Myrtle Tree Garden Cafe & Market: They opened their doors in May 2016, providing natural, organic, and healthy foods to the local community. In support of sustainable and organic practices, they seek out and help support local farmers throughout California. We later discovered on their website that they operate three farms, all of which are utilized to provide seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs at their cafe. Being one part cafe and one part market, there’s also a great selection of wine, cheese, and deli meat too. More about Myrtle Tree Garden Cafe & Market.


myrtle tree garden and cafe-7

Order at the counter, get a number, and seat yourself.

myrtle tree garden and cafe-11

There’s something very homey about wooden table tops. We sat at this spacious bar pictured here. There are also communal tables and sofas. Some people had their laptops while others came with their families. The space was large enough that noise didn’t bother anyone.

myrtle tree garden and cafe-12

We’re not huge coffee drinkers, but for those who are, you’ll find sustainably sourced coffee from Intelligentsia here (!!). 

myrtle tree garden and cafe-14

Then sit opposite this glass window and watch them brew your coffee.   


myrtle tree garden and cafe-1
myrtle tree garden and cafe-3

Myrtle Tree Garden Cafe & Market handcraft their own bar soap. These are made from natural ingredients and are package-free. Will definitely be coming back for these alone. 

myrtle tree garden and cafe-2

(pictured: Vivian) They handcraft candles too. They’re so sweetly wrapped and make wonderful gifts for yourself or friends and family. The scents are lovely too.

myrtle tree garden and cafe-5
myrtle tree garden and cafe-6

(pictured: Jennifer) These shelves are stocked full of local and organic groceries. A good selection of their market consists of items imported from Europe –– including sauces, chocolates, pasta, and crackers.

myrtle tree garden and cafe-10

We didn’t get to check out their wine selection, but it seems like the perfect place to wine and dine. 


myrtle tree garden and cafe-15

“Found my four favorite words here: ‘Breakfast Served All Day.’ It was the early afternoon and I opted for the Smoked Salmon Breakfast plate which came with smoked salmon, fresh organic fruits, mixed greens, and some toast. I thought they piled on a lot of salmon. It was good, but a bit salty. Still, I felt healthy (and great!) after the meal, which is always nice especially during this time of year. I just wish that the salad dressing came in a reusable container.”

myrtle tree garden and cafe-17

“I was really excited to try the dishes here especially knowing that the ingredients are locally and sustainably sourced. I ordered the Smoked Salmon Panini which came with smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato red onions, capers and a side salad. It was a little on the salty side but overall, I enjoyed the plate and my stomach was satisfied.”

myrtle tree garden and cafe-8

Other Things To Know:
Pastries are discounted after 5pm.
There are wine and cheese tasting nights every Sunday.
There are open mic and live music nights throughout the week.
*All events are updated on their Facebook page.

Are you in the Los Angeles or San Gabriel Valley area? What are some of your favorite spots to dine here?

Jennifer and Vivian

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