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Eco-Conscious Travel: A Four-Part Series

public transportation - camper buses in Denali, Alaska

During one of our chats, we talked about how fortunate we are to have been able to see, explore, and be in the presence of the places we’ve had the privilege of visiting. Experiences like backpacking in Denali National Park, summitting Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, and taking a solo trip in Asia are lifetime experiences we’ll remember forever.

We enjoy our travels to new places because we love learning about the people, food, and culture of each place. The mental, physical, and emotional benefits of any sort of travel has definitely made us appreciate this planet we live on. Though, one thing that concerns us about the privilege of traveling is the environmental impact it has on the planet. We want to continue to enjoy these places and we want others to enjoy them too, so, we strive to be responsible and respectful visitors wherever we go, and if you’re reading this, we hope you feel the same.

Our travels impact the environment in both positive and negative ways. It broadens our perspectives and motivates us to continue to do what we can to preserve what we have. The thing is, we all want to “see the world”, but if we’re not careful, we can risk damaging the places we love and the people who live there. In the end, there may be no “world left to see”. We wondered what we could do to continue to enjoy the experience while being mindful of our impact.

We did a lot of research, wrote a lot of drafts, and we’re so excited to share them. Ultimately, we hope you find this eco-conscious guide useful. It’s a lot of information, so we posted this in a four-part series called, the Eco-Conscious Travel series. In this series, we touched upon (1) flying and planning ahead (2) where to stay (3) what to do while you’re there and (4) what to do after you leave.

Like all guides, it’s not a perfect list, but we hope it’s a start for you to dive deeper when researching for your next trip.

Jennifer and Vivian


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